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Next Summit: February 17 to 21!

A Global Summit for
Collective Care and Resilience
in Times of Climate Crisis
and Colonial Collapse

November 11 to 15, 2020

5 days with 33 extraordinary presenters from around the world offering:

  • Vision and Inspiration
  • Empathy and Healing
  • Actions and Practical Steps

The November 11 to 15 Summit is over.

The next Summit will be from February 17 to 21, 2021.

We hope you'll join us!

How can we sustain ourselves and each other in our work for a world in which all beings matter?

This Summit is for you if you:

  • Are an organizer, educator, parent, activist, healer, or anyone else interested in exploring systemic change both personally and collectively 
  • Are working toward a sustainable future on our planet 
  • Need rest, healing, support, and community care as you move through the world
  • Want to know you're not alone in your vision, and to meet and network with a global community of people who are actively creating a world where all beings matter
  • Seek to integrate living your personal values with direct action in your communities
  • Want to explore questions like “How do we build resilience and healing in the middle of a pandemic, climate crisis, and the anti-racism movement?”
  • Long for ideas to cultivate your own creativity and passions for changing the world
  • Need empathy during these challenging times
  • Want to connect with others to share wisdom and explore designs for the best present and future we can be living

We are here to heal our past, reimagine our present, and protect our future.

Together, we will explore:

Bringing Resilience and Self-Care to Organizations and their Volunteers; Our Experience with Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Jeff Joslin, Laura Sacks

Healing and Self-Care for Those on the Front-lines of Nonviolence, Anti-Racism, and Social Justice Work

Morris H. Ervin, Jr.

Syntropic Style: How to Grow Water and Build Biodiversity

Thiago Barbosa

Indigenous Perspective of Climate Crisis

Beverly Little Thunder

Yilaawaygam Giili (Here-Being-Now) – Beyond Colonialism with Yarning and Process

Bernard Kelly-Edwards, Lisa Brown

The Elixir of Love

Leo Sofer

Remembering We Are Nature: Mentoring Children and Young People in Wild Nature

Centre for Ecological Learning

Community Safety & Mutual Protection

Kalaya'an Mendoza

My Tiny Classroom

Catherine Cadden

Befriending Death, Embracing Life

Reena Ginwala, Wendy Haynes

The Ritual Journal Practice: Eradicating Self-Violence From Within

Morris H. Ervin, Jr.

All The Answers Lie Within

Rebel Black

Building Community Networks in Times of Crisis (Healing, Resilience, Trauma)

Dzebam Godlove

Uprooting Racism, Seeding Sovereignty

Naima Penniman

Click! Poetry for Finding Focus Amidst Overwhelm

LN Bethea

Hear the Needs: Nonviolent Communication in a U.S. Public High School

Morris H. Ervin, Jr., Catherine Cadden

Nonviolent Communication and Gandhi’s Message: Transforming Enemy Images

Ramanusha Poopalaratnam, Reena Ginwala

Women’s Gathering At The River

Catherine Cadden

Compassionate Curriculum: A Pedagogical Approach to Working with Children

Dzebam Godlove, Catherine Cadden

Drawing a Breath

Kate Raffin

Women’s Gathering At The River

Catherine Cadden

A Pause to Breathe

Samuel Odhiambo

Visionary Organizing, Sci-Fi, and Intimacy

Mona Cadena, Jiva Manske

Dadirri (Deep Listening): Learning the Art and Value of Deep Listening in the Context of Recovery and Resilience Building

Dr. Judy Atkinson

Where’s the Love? Connecting Across Differences While Standing Up for What Matters

Jesse Wiens Chu

Connection Towards Unity Among Humanity

Beverly Little Thunder

Setting Compassionate Boundaries in Social Change Work

Jiva Manske, Catherine Cadden

Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

Samuel Odhiambo

Collective Care Through Compassionate Boundaries, Instead of “Calling Out”

Catherine Cadden, Jiva Manske

Language, Land, Heart and Healing

Luke Rhodes, Michael Jarrett (Uncle Micklo)

Personal Resilience Through Understanding, Acceptance, and Belonging

Catherine Cadden

Cultivating Wellbeing in the midst of Ecological and Spiritual Crises


Historical Trauma and Spirituality

Elena Giacci

Creative Industry in Africa Post-Covid-19: Recovery and Reconstruction

Njobati Sylvie Vernyuy

Join us to Connect, Learn, and heal:

Find Support:

  • Daily Empathy Circles offer opportunities for emotional integration throughout the Summit. Give voice to whatever is on your heart in a safe, nonjudgmental space for sharing, and bear witness to other participants' experiences.

Meet Your Summit Presenters:

Bernard Kelly-Edwards

Bernard Kelly-Edwards is a Gumbaynggirr man who through his business partnership Native Creative offers a unique blend of multi-media platforms

Beverly Little Thunder

Beverly Little Thunder, Lakota Elder and women’s activist, is a member of the Standing Rock Lakota Band from North Dakota.

Catherine Cadden

Catherine is an educator, storyteller, and dancer with over 30 years of experience in bringing innovative programs in nonviolence, mindfulness,

Centre for Ecological Learning – Lisa Seigal and Erin Chapman

Erin is an accredited Early Childhood teacher, preschool director, and nature playworker who plays, teaches, mentors and guides children in

Dr. Judy Atkinson

Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson is a Jiman (central west Queensland) and Bundjalung (northern New South Wales) woman, with Anglo-Celtic and German

Dzebam Godlove

Dzebam Godlove Ayaba Bongnwa hails from Nso in the North West Region of Cameroon. He is a teacher in an

Elena Giacci

Is a Diné woman and an Anti Sexual and Domestic violence training specialist and advocate for American Indian and Alaska


Johnnie A is the Executive Director of INITC (the InterNational Indigenous Initiative for Transformative Collaboration) Johnnie served as the Wellness

James Nandi

James Nandi is an environmentalist, and director of the board of Peace Ambassadors – a youth-led national organization bringing together

Jeff Joslin

Jeff Joslin is a recently retired Captain at a major airline and has been learning, practicing and teaching Nonviolent Communication

Jesse Wiens Chu

Jesse Wiens Chu is the founder of ZENVC, an approach to the practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) that integrates meditation,

Jiva Manske

Jiva is a brother, son, strategist, facilitator, educator, and organizer. He has dedicated the last 15 years to building power

Kalaya’an Mendoza

Kalaya’an Mendoza identifies as a Queer Hard of Hearing Filipinx Immigrant. He currently resides on occupied Lenape land. He has

Kate Raffin

Kate is a passionate communicator and has a deep commitment to social justice. Her work addresses ‘harvesting’ from and responding

Laura Sacks

Laura Sacks lives in rural British Columbia, Canada, and has a background rooted in the sciences with a career as

Leo Sofer

Leo Sofer has been a storyteller since 1989 and has pioneered Intuitive Storytelling as a method for tapping into our

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown works as a psychologist, yoga teacher and facilitator of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Mindful Self-Compassion. She is a

LN Bethea

Being a Mother, a Life-Partner and Daughter, has given me my marrow-deep lessons in life. Lessons I share with my community

Luke Rhodes

Luke Rhodes is a musician, composer and teacher who loves to share his passion for music. He has had the

Michael Jarrett (Uncle Micklo)

Michael Jarrett is a Gumbaynggirr man, and one of a very small number of teachers and holders of Gumbaynggirr language.

Mona Cadena

Mona is an artist, organizer, and other awesome words. She currently works with Equal Justice USA staff and strategists implementing

Morris H. Ervin, Jr.

Morris H Ervin, Jr. is an educator, entertainer, motivational speaker, and Youth Development Professional committed to helping youth, families, communities,

Naima Penniman

Naima Penniman is a multi-dimensional artist, movement builder, healer, grower and educator committed to planetary health and community resilience. She

Nawang Tenzin (Dr. Alex Anderson)

With a background in rainforest ecology, especially climate change impacts in biodiversity, Tenzin began his path focussed on an intellectual

Njobati Sylvie Vernyuy

Njobati Sylvie is a creative and artistic director who is passionate about harnessing the potential of the Arts in enhancing

Ramanusha Poopalaratnam

Ramanusha is a Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer. She represents herself as a resource person and facilitator in the

Rebel Black

Rebel Blacks’ mission in life is to #thrive, #heal and #evolve. She describes herself as a human agronomist and syntropic

Reena Ginwala

I consider myself to be a dream weaver and a healer. I strive to connect with people by listening to

Samuel Odhiambo

Samuel Odhiambo is a Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer from Nairobi, Kenya. He is also a Nonviolent Communcation (NVC) Mediator,

Serah Thiga

Serah Thiga is a Development Communications specialist and a womens rights crusader with a special focus on sexual reproductive health.

Silvain Himbana

Silvain Himbana is a social entrepreneur living in Uganda, originally from Congo. He is a co-founder of Social Innovation Academy

Thiago Barbosa

Thiago Gimenez Barbosa is a Syntropic farming pioneer in Australia who is helping to spread the knowledge of this unique

Wendy Haynes

Talking to individuals and family members about death and dying has been a part of Wendy’s life as a funeral

Take the Summit Home:

Watch or listen to 30+ Summit Sessions at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Until November 16th, recordings of 30+ Summit Sessions* will be available for purchase at a discounted price. 

100% of the proceeds will go towards supporting the work of the Summit presenters and Baba Tree International, the organization hosting the Summit.

* Empathy Circles and a few Summit Sessions will not be recorded

Until November 16:

  • $108 for the Summit Recording Package (30+ Summit Sessions*)
  • $25 for Individual Recordings
Baba Tree International

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