Morris H. Ervin, Jr. 

Morris H Ervin, Jr. is an educator, entertainer, motivational speaker, and Youth Development Professional committed to helping youth, families, communities, and institutions “turn fear into strength, and pain into passion.” Morris is the founder of Mansa Consulting and he has provided assemblies, workshops, mentoring programs, and leadership camps/retreats to thousands of students in over a dozen school districts across the U.S. The core of Morris’s philosophy is deeply rooted in Social Emotional Learning, Contemplative Education, and Restorative Practices.

Morris has spread his excitement, optimism, and passion to schools, churches, community centers, juvenile detention camps, colleges, and universities. Mansa Consulting has partnered with organizations such as FAMLI INC, Peace Over Violence, Making A Difference Consulting, and The California Conference for Equality and Justice providing Teen Summits that shape and empower our future leaders of tomorrow.

Morris currently speaks on issues of race, diversity and stress management for local, regional, and national schools, non-profits, corporations and universities and he actively teaches mindfulness trainings in schools and after-school programs to disenfranchised youth. Morris believes that the ultimate measure of a man is seen through the eyes of his family. He has a beautiful wife, two teenage children, and two dogs. His ultimate inspiration, motivation, and drive are fueled by his family’s love and unconditional support.