Nawang Tenzin (Dr. Alex Anderson) 

With a background in rainforest ecology, especially climate change impacts in biodiversity, Tenzin began his path focussed on an intellectual understanding of interdependence. The forest being a wonderful meditation teacher led Tenzin to the Dharma. Tenzin is grateful to have studied and practiced under Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh at Plum Village in the Vietnamese Zen tradition, and reminds himself he is an “Australian Buddhist”. Tenzin has an interest in the application of mindfulness to living in harmony within oneself, within community, and with the natural world. He is passionate about Deep Ecology and the exploration of the cross-over between these domains the science of ecology and environmental activism.

His involvement and guiding energy of the Gaia Forest project as a modality for exploring healthy individuation and connection with the planet in this time of ecological crisis is an ongoing project.